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Final prices - individually and all even-handed

As each website and software development is individually, therefore I can't give you a definitive fixed price.

I am often asked: «How much does it cost to build a website?» At this question there is no answer. Just like creating a homepage an offer needs careful planning. It will help us to create a better offer, if you share many information with us. Please say us honestly, what you can pay, so you save yourself and me a lot of time. As an indication: The average IT contractors make 90 EUR per hour (hourly rate survey in Germany from GULP Freelancer Study 2017). A website is never to make less than a week. I do my business freelancing in part time and support only a small number of customers. This could be your advantage for your business, because my hourly rate is lower.

My goal is to investigate with you a price performance ratio that will provide you as a satisfied customer and give me a fair value. I would like to make an appointment with you to discuss your project and resolve all outstanding issues.

Prices depend on various factors. Example website:

  • do you already have a website (url)?
  • server selection
  • storage and transfer rate (traffic)
  • number of domains
  • Search engine optimization (seo)
  • with or without eMail
  • static or dynamic CMF site
  • forms, calendar, forum, image gallery, blog, etc.
  • only self-created templates to your liking
  • should the page be available for mobile devices (responsive web design)?
  • update and backup of dynamic pages
  • homepage maintenance


Based on the information you provided I make you an offer with final price including all services

Web sites have a minimum term of 12 months. Term of notice is one month before the expiry of the contractual period, otherwise an extension of 12 months.

All offers are gross prices (final prices). Because of the small business owner state according to §19 Abs. 1 UStG, I can't charge tax as a seller and therefore can't write to the bills.