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Consulting, Web Hosting, Web Design and Software Development

How do I make a website? Which system is right for me? Which free domain name the best identification for my company in the internet? What is the best site structure for improved usability? What is important and what I really need? What is the difference between my company and another company? And more ...

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions
Static Websites

Also called Web Business Card - the cheapest option and a must have for any company, if you rarely change your website. This website is once created for you and published on the internet. Of course I take small changes for you as a service.

Dynamic Websites

If you often, without a long wait, to customize your website more user-friendly, then a dynamic website is the solution. Blog, forms, guestbook, forum, image gallery, event calendar, or community - anything is possible. For dynamic pages, I use only the open source MODX CMF. This system is free - you don't pay for it! Only monthly cost for provider, domain, updates and creating the website - you get a good price from me.

Service and Maintenance

I will give you a detailed introduction, so you can create the content of your presentation by itself. Or you can transfer to me the maintenance of your website for a fair price.


I create flyers or business cards cost-efficient at customer's option.

Operating System LINUX

Are you thinking about switching to the free and secure OS LINUX from another operating system? I will help you! Malware, short for "malicious software," is a software which is installed without your permission to damage your pc or spy on your computer. Much of the malware is directed against Windows. Of course Windows is a very common operating system and is therefore often attacked.

Don't worry, this is not the only one reason why LINUX is sure!

The big LINUX-Community, Software from secure sources and Open Source are an important part of why LINUX is safe! I know of no reason why the computers need to be developed first uncertain and then for money secured by the user! Virus scanners and firewalls are unnecessary tools for defects in Windows. No dealer will recommend LINUX because it's free! If you want, I can show you the benefits of a LINUX system.

Software Development

You are looking for a special software for your business that exactly meets your needs? I create individual and functional software for LINUX. Small tools with database connection are also possible. I create you your software with simple user interface (ui) custom-made. I have experience in Gambas, Qt4, VB, VS, PHP, MS-SQL and MySQL.